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Sunday, August 10, 2008



Thats about par for the course. Wouldn't you think?

The lady on the right is the "Venus of Willendorf". It currently resides in the Natural History Museum, in Vienna, Austria. There are two factors about this statuette that are interesting. First, it is about 25,000 years old. Which predates any known civilization on earth by about 15,000 years. Second, it is not the only one in existence. Almost identical creations have been found in France and Russia. It is not made from any local rock. It was created when mastadons still roamed the Earth and mankind lived in small villages.

So I wonder where it was created and by whom and was this individual a traveling salesman of sorts. Plying his wares between the Urals and the Atlantic Ocean? Every new revelation presents untold new questions.

Everyone knows what fingerprints are and how the ridges are used to identify individuals. Now trace elements collected in the oils of the skin that leave these impressions can be read and identified. Thus telling investigators what recent items were touched prior to leaving the print on a surface. CSI for the 21st century.

Inland from the north end of San Francisco Bay is the Sacramento/San Joaquin delta. This delta keeps the salty water of the bay from encroaching on the fresh waters. This delta is composed of hundreds of small islands that are about 20 feet below sea level. Existing only because of their surrounding levees. The soil of these islands is rich peat and can be used for growing almost all year long. But, alas, agriculture and erosion is creating a major soil loss. If the delts island fail, the vast majority of the fresh water shipped 450 miles south to the desert city of Los Angeles would cease. Science has discovered that using old crops can have a positive effect on the eco-system.

Here is where you can keep tab on the overall medal count, by country, at this year's Olympics
  1. USA 2 gold 2 silver 4 bronze
  2. CHINA 3 gold 1 silver 0 bronze
  3. KOREA (s) 2 gold 1 silver 0 bronze
And no, I don't plan on doing this every day of the games. Thats why I gave the link, for those interested.
Dutch swimmers claim Women's 4 X 100m Freestyle gold:

Guo Wenjun of China takes Women's 10m Air Pistol Gold:
In a lot of the smaller countries, any citizen who wins a medal will be a national hero. In America, unless they are a really cute gymnast, their names will be forgotten before the game are over. Its the "Warhol Rule".

Scientists have created stem cells for 10 specific disorders.

Did you read comic books as a kid? Remember those ads for the x-ray vision glasses and magical sea monkeys?

Would you be interested in a vehicle that could get 106mpg.

Maybe this is what Obama was thinking about when he told us to "inflate".

Want to solve a mystery? Turns out there is a whole lot more to Leavenworth KS that its infamous Federal Prison. Be sure to watch the video.

Ever thought about flying a kite to generate power? Some folks have this on their agenda. Video.

I don't know whether all the facts are kosher in this news clip but it is an nice oddity.
08-08-08 @ 0808 hrs @ 8lbs 8oz.

Don't forget, the annual Perseid Meteor shower hits its peak before dawn on Tuesday. Sadly, the Moon will be ashinin' in the night sky until just before dawn.

When people say "Big Brother Is Watching You" they are deadly serious. Especially if you are visiting China.

Everyone enjoy your Sunday.
Maybe a few more will find their way here today than yesterday. Which was one of the worst in this blog's history.
I do wish to thank those of you who do manage to visit. I truly appreciate it.


"Let's all be careful out there!"