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Saturday, July 19, 2008



Then Heaven help NOLA.

Okay, what is it with construction cranes? This makes the fifth incident since the first of the year. Used to be they were up everywhere and there never seemed to be a problem. Somebody is doing something different, obviously.

This is why we Americans just love SUVs. A Prius couldn't have come close in destruction factors.

Every time I hear a story about paparazzi, I am amazed at how low these scumbags will stoop to get their pics. Unlike most folks, I am not hypocritical. These scrotes earn their money by selling the images to the trash mags and gossip TV shows. I refuse to read or watch either. Any one who does is giving defacto legitimacy to this activity and complicity to their actions.

Electrocuting a pickle proves the existence of gawd?

When our gov't is spending counter-terrorism money, is this what you had in mind? That goodness some people are raising questions.

I mentioned earlier about some folk's effort to get a proposal on the ballot in November to rename a sewage treatment plant "in honor" of Dubya. They were successful and now the ultimate decision is up to the voters.

You know what is hard about getting old? Not so much my own age but when I see a story or image about someone else following life's inevitable track. Phoebe Cates is a person whose image at a certain age is forever carved in stone in my brain. I first saw her in the movie Fast Tines At Ridgemont High when she was just barely 18. She is now married to Kevin Klein and has 2 kids and on the 17th turned 45.

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"Let's all be careful out there!"