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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


From something called "Electric Oyster." Control your flight path with the cursor as you soar over sno-capped mountains. Probably requires a broadband connection. It is a total waste of your time but is relaxing.

Are you brave enough to watch FoxNews for 24 hours straight? This guy made a valiant effort. He can have visitors on Sunday afternoons.

I have definitely returned to the land of the weird. That's the city I live in.

Judge to drug dealer:
"Not only is it illegal, but you’re not very good at it, given the number of times you’ve been caught."
A contender for the LLDE list.

Marie Antoinette is alive and well. And running the State Health Agency in Florida, under an assumed name.
"Just because you're poor doesn't mean you're unhealthy; it just means you have a lot more time to go running."
Obviously the writer of this LA Times news bit must have been short on his weekly "words in print" quota:
Why Is There Traffic In Los Angeles?
Are you a good dancer? Me neither. Which is why I'll stay away from this place.

"Let's all be careful out there!"