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Wednesday, June 04, 2008



After 5 arduous months of "in your face" campaigns, Obama has claimed victory. He will be facing off against McCain in November after each party sanctions their candidate in this summers political conventions.

I don't know about you but this years runup was exhausting. What it has done, for the Democrats, is show that the true personality of each candidate became clear while under pressure. And Hillary failed the pressure test. She still hasn't conceded the contest as of this posting, but Obama has the delegate count to win on the first ballot. To me, Hillary became the archetypical nagging wife who just has to get the last word in during an argument. Regardless of the veracity of her stance. She failed to show the leadership qualities that a candidate possess. Obama showed diplomacy, and then eloquent hard-ass attitude as the situation required in response to various situational events during the slugfest.

I would like to offer an opinion that if Obama should choose Clinton as his VP running mate, that he gag her and keep her in an undisclosed, secret and secured location. For his own protection. If you haven't had you fill, though. Here are about 12,000 more news articles on the campaign.

The Japanese science laboratory module, Kibo, was successfully attached to the ISS yesterday. This is a major achievement.

The House Committee looking into whether Cheney was behind the "outing" of CIA operative, Valerie Plame, is inching ever closer to finding culpability. This is a major criminal offense and ol' "dead-eye" Dick could go to prison for his actions. I don't think they are in a rush, since Dubya would still have time to grant him a Presidential Pardon before noon on January 20th, 2009.

Visa-free travel between favored nations, such as UK & Japan, to the USA are getting a bit more complicated.

The toxicology reports are in regarding that fatal mauling by a tiger at the San Francisco Zoo last Christmas Day. The victim was drunk and stoned. I think the city should counter-sue his parents for failure to maintain control of a minor, resulting in his death. Sorry, Mom & Dad, but by law you are responsible for your kids actions 24/7 until they turn 18. His death is your fault. Plain and simple.

Starbucks is offering free "Wi-Fi", for only $5. Their definition of FREE is sure different than mine.

You might want to shop around for chicken. Tyson has destroyed 15k birds for having a mild form of "bird flu".

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"Let's all be careful out there!"