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Tuesday, June 03, 2008



Our good friend, DB of Dogbait's Babble, has posted pictures he's taken on various hiking trips to the Himalayas. Some were eerie. This one is down right frightening.

Well, "Slick Willie" may be up to his old tricks again. At least this time his taste in women seems to have improved. Hillary's standing in the community would jump 1,000% if she filed for divorce.

For decades, astromers thought our galaxy, the Milky Way, was composed of 4 arms. New results from infrared imaging has established that it only has 2 arms. A lot of text books are going to have to be rewritten.

Later this week, NASA will launch GLAST (Gamma-ray Large Array Space Telescope) and it is going to look at our universe in the highest radiation spectrum yet. And while it is expected to record events heretofore only speculated, what it finds that we haven't even guessed at will be more amazing.

The Federal Government has taken another step to shove the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Storage Facility down the throat of Nevada. The half-life of the waste will be over 10,000 years. Longer than man has been civilized.

It has always been believed that the original Polynesian settlers of New Zealand, now called Maori, arrived around 300 CE. New archaeological evidence now indicates their arrival wasn't until circa 1300 CE. Which just may rewrite all of the history of Polynesian migrations.

"Let's all be careful out there!"