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Thursday, June 19, 2008



Those right feet encased in a running shoe are still appearing along the British Columbia coast. Two have been found this week, which brings the total to date to 6. The police are baffled. A lot of forensic information hasn't been released that I would find interesting.

Mexico has frozen the prices on over 150 items in stores. Don't be surprised if we follow suit. We've done it before, before a lot of you were born.

McCain seems to be having trouble drawing the interest of women voters. I understand that problem. Not voters but women.

How influential is the web on this years election process? Most analysts say that Clinton would be poised to accept the Democratic nomination if the web hadn't existed.

The coastal states are weighing their options should the Feds decide to lift the moratoreum on off-shore drilling. Of course this may be the reason that Obama is now leading the polls in Florida.

Delta Airlines is still hemorrhaging money and plans to cut capacity by another 3% in the second half of this year.

The search still continues for an elusive "Planet-X" in our solar system. It should be somewhere between 100 and 200 AU (an AU is the distance between the Sun and Earth) from the Sun and anywhere from 30% to 70% the mass of Earth. There are still some strange things about the Kuiper Belt, that a "Planet-X" would explain.

I know that Burger King is the "Home of the Whopper" but one costing £95 seems a bit "rich" for me.

Still haven't resolved my Firefox 3 fiasco but I want to thank each of you that have sent me comments and e-mails. Trying to put this blog together using IE has been an exercise in futility. But I did it!

Thank you for coming over. I'll do my best to get more up for you later today. We are on the downhill slide to the weekend. Come-on Saturday!

"Let's all be careful out there!"