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Monday, June 23, 2008



I was fortunate enough to have had a front row seat at a performance he gave in Reno NV in 1993. Sometimes caustic but always thought provoking.

The recent Supreme Court decision regarding the ude process for detainees at Gitmo sure generated a huge bruhaha among conservative members of our country. You would have thought that the world was coming an end. Yet all the court did was reestablish that there were already laws in place that would allow for the legal processing of these individuals in an open court system. And that all individuals have the legal right to due process. Not the kangaroo system that the administration was using to subvert everything our country has stood proudly for.

It just might be safer to walk in the middle of the streets in NYC than on the sidewalks. Especially after what happened the last two days.

Off-shore drilling is the big question of the moment. We know the crude and natural gas reserves are there. Relatively easily to access. Our country needs these resources but, those of us old enough, also remember the 1969 blowout on a rig off the Santa Barbara CA coast. An event that was a major factor in creating "Earth Day". And most of these drilling locations are smack dab in the middle of fragile habitats. So do we risk our future for immediate gratification or suffer starvation with a larder full of food? Its a tough decision.

And the price of crude rose in today's early morning trading in Singapore. Despite the consumers/suppliers meeting over the weekend. A meeting that was either a dismal failure or a smashing success. Depending on the participant's POV. The arguments were the same as always. The price is jacked by lack of adequate production. By excessive 1st world user demand By emerging 3rd world economies that are rapidly industrializing. Or -
D: "All of the above"

Just about every 15 years this issue comes to the front of people's minds. Usually after TV production companies and advertisers just push the inside of the envelope just too far. The target venue varies but the concept never does.

If you are into geekdom, then you should find this interesting. If not, just skip it.

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"Let's all be careful out there!"