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Wednesday, May 14, 2008



There is a new ad showing on late night television for the energy drink AMP. I am not sure I would call it funny but it is a testimonial to our social mores. Couldn't find a version on YouTube or Google, so here is the actual website. Walk Of No Shame.Com. Check it out and possibly relate. LOL!

As anticipated, HRC won West Virginia by a 2-1 margin. YAWN. The Congressional seat in Mississippi's 1st Congressional District is now back in Democratic control for the 1st time in almost 14 years. It also marks the third Republican special election loss this year. Cheney's visit didn't help one iota.

Out in the middle of America, four salt domes are almost totally full (97%) of crude oil. Called the Strategic Oil Reserves, they were created after the Arab Oil Embargo of the early '70's. Yesterday both Houses of Congress voted overwhelmingly to halt purchasing any more crude to add to the reserves. Dubya had initially stated that he would veto any such legislation but reality has bit him in the ass. Now he isn't being so belligerent. He is only expressing disappointment. He can't afford to have another veto overridden. Before he is finally history, there will probably be a lot more disappointments in store for him.

In the closest thing to an admission of "Oops", Dubya now says he received flawed intelligence reports, but wasn't misled, in the build up to the Iraqi invasion. He is a legend in his own mind. Sad.

Out in California, the "Governator" wants to borrow against future lottery profits to balance the State's budget woes.

And there might be another Cyclone headed towards Burma/Myanmar. The Christian Taliban must be ecstatic seeing so many heathens being wiped off the face of the Earth.

In China, their military is using every means possible to get troops into the disaster area. The full scope of death and destruction still hasn't been totally determined but could easily exceed 100,000 souls and a 10,000,000 population center gone. Completely.

Not a lot of cheerful news. Sorry. Thanks for coming by. I appreciate it. Back later with more.




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