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Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Massive increases in manpower. "Light at the end of the tunnel." Stay the course.

McCain must remember this, from the Vietnam War.

The refusal of our leaders to see that what we were involved in was unwinnable conflict and a wasted sacrifice of America's GIs. Supporting a corrupt government that was only interested in personal gain and power. Not popular with their countrymen. Our leaders telling us that to withdraw would let the dreaded communists win and all the American lives lost would have been in vain. So we kept shipping more troops to the slaughter. And we still ended up having our hats handed to us on the way out the door.

Yesterday, while stumping for votes in New Mexico, John McCain vowed not to waiver in his support for the war in Iraq. "Even if I must stand athwart popular opinion."

Obama was also beating his drum in New Mexico. "As many of you know, my intention is to bring this war in Iraq to a close and to start bringing home our troops in an orderly fashion."

We are not wanted there except by the powerless government that we created. The real reason we stay is moot, the fact remains that it is time to bring our girls and boys back home. NOW!

I can disregard all other issues in this Presidential race. I think the two quotes above pretty much state the philosophical differences between the two candidates and I know which one I'll be voting for.

In a race against time, China is trying to drain a "quake lake" in a controlled manner before it breeches and floods the valley below, in the area of the earthquake. I have my fingers crossed.

A few years back, the Mexican government created a Public Service Announcement to dissuade people from crossing the border into the USA illegally. The person who portrayed the "coyote" was a US Border Patrol agent. It now appears he wasn't really acting.

One report and two different statements as to what it says.

There is the IAEA's side and Iran's side. Of course, they disagree completely.

And I thought Dubya was critical of Obama's idea to negotiate with Iran? Something must have changed.

And isn't it time we review our policy towards Cuba? We have trade with China, Russia, Vietnam and Cambodia. So why is Cuba still the pariah in the pool? Fidel has stepped down and his brother will only have a few years to reign. Isn't it time to start the steps towards bringing Cuba back into the Western hemisphere? Hell, we even trade with Venezuela, whose leader hates our guts.

You all remember the TV networks' Red/Blue maps showing which candidate took what state. The Democrats dominating the two coasts and the Republicans filling in the southern and mid-America areas. The final selection being determined by the results in one or two pivotal States. Those traditions may change this year.

Well, the weekend is over and everybody heads back to work today. I hope you had an enjoyable time with the summer vacation season kick-off. Next big break will be the mid-season Fourth of July pause and then another 3-day'er when Labor Day brings vacations to a screeching halt. How much fun and excitement will you be able to cram into those 95 days?

Thank you for the time you have spent with me today and I'll be back later with more. Aren't you glad this is only a 4-day work week?




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