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Monday, May 26, 2008


A Japanese railroad has found a unique way of pulling itself out of the red.

Do you want to bet that somewhere during the East Hampton's art gallery owner's arrest the lady used the phrase: "I'll have your job!"

I wonder if the price of calamari is going to drop in the Melbourne area?

Even though Wal-Mart touts its price slashing, I guess Macy's in NYC didn't think this was a good idea.

In a case of being in the right place at the right time, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was able to take a high resolution image of the Phoenix Mars Lander as it was in the parachute portion of its decent to the Martian surface yesterday. Kewl! And the Phoenix is in the process of doing a self-diagnosis of its systems. It should start digging next week.

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge opened on this day in 1937.

Are you bi-lingual? Did you learn the second language before or after you turned 5? So what, you ask? If the second language was learned after five it registers in a different area, and with a different intensity, in your brain, according to a new report. No matter how proficient you are in the second language.

This could be the newest "pet rock" concept. Some guy in St. Augustine FL claims to have captured ghosts in a jar. They are for sale, if you want one. I think I'll file this one under P. T. Barnum was right.

I think we should all give the city fathers of Manchester UK a hearty Bronx cheer for threatening a retired old lady with a hefty fine. Just for trying to find the owners of a lost kitty.

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