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Monday, May 19, 2008



Its just a baby-step, but its still progress. Researchers in the field of AI (artificial intelligence) have created an autonomous avatar at the virtual reality site "Second Life". Its abilities are still rather limited but it can interact with other, human controlled, avatars. And has some limited reasoning ability. As AI research continues, someday in the future you'll be able to interact with three dimensional characters in created scenarios. The science is starting to catchup with Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future.

Israeli prisons are going hi-tech by using dogs and computers. Researchers have studied the different stress levels in a dog's bark and created a system that now alerts guards when a canine's yappings indicate an intruder rather than a stray cat. Could this be the first step in inter-species communication?

38 people have been charged by Federal authorities with running phishing scams. I received one today that told me my gmail account was going to be closed unless I provided them with the necessary information.

Back in 1962, a General Electric researcher created the very first light emitting diode or LED. We first began to notice them while watching our VCRs flash 12:00 at us 24/7. They only came in the color red and were neat little trinkets that ended up on keychains and kids toys. In the 90's science was able to create LEDs that emitted blue and green light. Which those of us who play around with our PCs know, that meant that, by combining different intensities of those three basic colors, a pallete of 16 million colors became available. In the 3rd millennium, organic LEDs (oLED) were developed. oLEDs are flexible and can be woven into fabric. In the next few years plans are to create oLED sheets that can be used like wallpaper or moldable strips. LEDs use very little power and give off almost no heat. If you think Times Square is bright today, come back in a few years and see whats cookin'.

Davey Jones' locker continues to yield more facts about our planet than we even contemplated. We know so little about that 75% of the planet below the ocean surface.

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