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Friday, May 23, 2008



Both McCain and Obama have started their (not so) quiet search for VP running mates. This is the time that old washed up wanna-bes and johnny-come-latelys are studied for their potential to enhance their respective party's ticket. As the names are passed out as potentials, the power brokers look for the public's reaction. Thats how Dan Quayle became Bush-I's Vice-President. He tested good. Not on his qualifications. You remember Quayle don't you? One of the few national public figures that might actually be more stupid that Dubya himself. He was not the brightest light on the tree. Thats for sure. Most of the electorate forget that the VP is just one heartbeat (or pretzel) away from having the country's launch codes. It'll be interesting what names we'll be seeing.

The election process has also reached the point where the candidates' prior military service is being discussed. Which is just stupid. Most candidates who have "served" in the military never reached Command Rank. And unless they achieved that level, they were just order takers. Carrying out the instructions of others. Admit it, Dubya's questionable military service in the Texas Air National Guard was the equivalent of being a mall security guard in importance and relevance. Between the end of Vietnam and 9/11, President Bill Clinton ordered the use of our military more times than anyone else in that time period. And he didn't bailout like HRH Reagan did in Beiruit when things went bad. And how much military experience did Margaret Thatcher have before the Falklands War? She seemed to do a decent job. IMO.

Ford is cutting back jobs and cutting production by about 10%. Their future focus will be on the new smaller economical vehicles rather than pickup trucks and SUVs. The economy and the tidal surge of gas prices are the reason. Since the latter will probably never recede, its a better than even chance that the gas guzzlers will eventually fade from their marketing plan.

Texas is being reprimanded by their court system for improper procedures in taking those children from the FLDS facility last month. Turns out that quite a few of the mothers were of legal age and that the State didn't have the authority to take the action they did.

The line for civil lawsuit attorneys will form to the left of the aisle please.

I was glad to learn that McCain rejected the endorsement of the racist evangelist John Hagee. Proof that bigotry comes in every shade of skin color. The Christian God must really love bigots because he sure made a hell of a lot of them. Many of whom have the title of Reverend.

I just thought of a new reality TV show concept. The Battle of the Bigots. Held every Sunday evening on the Mall in Washington DC. Televised live at 7:00 PM on the Fox Network. The judging panel would be a Rabbi, a Catholic Bishop and an representative of Scientology. It would probably be a ratings winner.

Oh gawd. Another one of those stories I really needed (NOT!) to read before my flight.

I think an issue that people have forgotten about is McCains health. If you remember he had a medical incident in the 2000 primaries.

The study is preliminary but it may be that the best way to beat "jet-lag" is to skip food prior to traveling. We may have an internal "food clock" that can override our circadian clock.

Its TGIF! and the beginning of the long 3-day Memorial Day weekend. Please drink responsibly. and don't drive, even if you've only had "just 2 beers". I think the price of gas is going to keep a lot of people close to home.

Thanks for coming by today and I hope each of you has a fantastic time. I'll be back with more later and I'll be here with my usual stuff every day, should you feel like stopping by. Or it'll still be here when you can check in on Tuesday.




Over The Limit?
Please don't drink and drive

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