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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Big city crime worms its insidious way onto Mau'i. We've had two home invasions in the past week. Both occured near Kamaole Beach Park #1, a well known hangout for druggies and homeless riff-raff. These are the "night crawlers" that I have referenced before. The police are now advising folks to keep their doors locked. Something that never use to be a worry or concern.

MPD has initiated a crack down on speeders. Wrote 65 citations in one 4 hour period this past week. The department's policy that frowns on pursuits allowed one speeder, who was clocked at 101 mph (166 kph), to escape.

About the only problem I have with MPD is that they seem to operate in "knee-jerk" fashion. You very seldom see them on pro-active patrol. On most incidents they respond from the station. Maybe they spend a lot of time there doing paperwork or in-service training. Who knows? What they don't do is patrol. Looking to stop problems before they start. This could also be a budgetary concern. The brass wanting to save money on fuel costs, strongly suggesting the officers stay "in-house" until they are needed. That happened back on the mainland in the 70's during the Arab oil embargo.

A little bird told me that The Grand Wailea is going to start requiring drug testing of their service vendors, especially contract taxi drivers. Makes sense to me. Seems my post the day I was terminated has worked its way through their upper management. I hope they use the hair test, rather than the urine test, like the casinos in Nevada do. There are many ways to beat the urine test. I think the County should make it mandatory for taxi driver's license renewal.

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