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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


And all the ships at sea.

Look out "Snake" Plissken. NYC is gearing up for a new hi-tech security fence around Manhattan. The outer boroughs can kiss their ass goodbye. This is designed to protect the "money" of our nation and the world. Commoners need not apply.
It will be sort of what London has now but in real time with interactive face recognition algorithms. Designed to look for wanted faces and to note repeated questionable activity by persons unknown in sensitive areas of the Financial District.

Its an interesting read.

Have you ever watched the game show CONCENTRATION? Maybe you've played the board game. What you are doing in that game is exercising what is known as fluid intelligence. It has always been thought that a person's level of fluid intelligence was fixed at birth. Unable to be increased. New studies seem to indicate that this isn't so. With a little training, everyone can raise their intelligence levels. Too late to help us now but maybe Dubya can finally grasp why he went wrong in so many ways.

Box Score - World-Wide Terrorist attacks:
Killed or wounded:
2005 - 39,469
2006 - 59,327
2007 - 66,995
No, I am not making this up. The facts are part of a new report issued by our very own State Department.

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) had its ass handed to it in a recent court decision regarding the sharing of music files on the web. The Federal judge didn't throw out the case but the road block he presented to RIAA is going to force a change in their overly aggressive approach to file sharing.

Is Disney being 2-faced in its feigned concern about the timid Miley Cyrus photo? Seems that their concerns don't apply to their marketing strategy in China for its brand name childrens clothing line.

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