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Saturday, April 19, 2008




Thanks, Dubya. Does the term "too little, too late" mean anything to you?

The conference on global warming, currently under way in Paris, isn't making much headway. And WE are the roadblock. I wonder if our fearless leader is planning on selling waterfront/ocean view property in Crawford. That would be a legacy for his daughters.


I am not even going to go there. What is your opinion?


At least there is a little humanity still left in this world.

There isn't much left of Aloha Airlines. But their air cargo business is still functioning and handles 85% of all the air cargo in Paradise. Including all US Mail between the islands. This still functioning part of the company is up on the auction block and the 40, or so, pilots want to make sure that their contract rights are preserved and honored. If not, they plan to go on strike.

Yesterday's midwest earthquake was felt as far away as Nebraska and Alabama. It occured on the Wabash Fault. Which has as little known about it as the New Madrid Fault. Mid-tectonic plate faults have not been studied anywhere near as much as those in the more active seismic areas along the plate's edges. It is even possible that the Wabash and New Madrid Faults are linked to one another. Which, considering their proximity, would not be surprising.


Most people have never seen the planet Mercury. It is one of the 5 "naked eye" planets in our solar system and is in an inferior orbit around the Sun, compared to the Earth. Normally it is always in the wrong position for us to see it. Well for the next month it will be visible in the evening twilight hours. Try and see it, if you get the chance.

Enjoy your Saturday. Spend some time with family and friends. Take a moment to look around you. Beauty is everywhere and is seldom appreciated. Hope you can make it back here tomorrow.




Over The Limit?
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