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Wednesday, April 16, 2008



When I was preteen, I got interested in books. Most towns had a Summer Reading program through the local library. I started reading books beyond my alleged "level". All the original stories of the Land of Oz (yes, there were multiple books). Heinlein's science fiction. All the stories of Zorro. And more. Until age destroyed my ability to read without assistance, I've devoured books. In college I took a speed reading course. Actually got pretty good at it (3,000+ wpm). Along the way, I discovered comic books. My weekly allowance was 10¢ a week and that was just the price of a comic book. This was about the time that the greatest danger to the youth of America was comics. At least according to certain members of government. So, I read Superman, Batman & Robin, the Nighthawks. Eventually my allowance was raised to 25¢ a week. For me this meant that I could but the larger editions of these "pieces of trash". But not every week. See, that was when I learned about sales tax. So I had to start skipping a week and save that money to cover the tax that would be levied against the cost of the comics the following weeks. Most kids would spend their allowance on candy. Not me. I wanted books. Just about the time I became a teenager, I discovered Mad Magazine. I was hooked instantly. Satire, poking fun at the stupidities of life (especially politicians). A new circuit was formed in my brain and I began looking at the world from a more cynical POV. Well Alfred E. (What, me worry?) Newman still exists but, alas, the magazine is now $4.99 for each slim copy and it is only published on a monthly basis. Its hard to find at most news stands. There is an excellent book out about the history of comics. If you are interested, check it out.

I recently mentioned that a statue was erected to honor Laika, the first earthling to travel in space. The image on the left is of the monument.

Had a great dinner with Judy & Richard, for her birthday. Sadly, I never received a message back from Alissa about her and Jenna joining us. Left the restaurant very full and then did my grocery shopping for the week. I needed so many things beyond food, that the total cost was about 75% more than I have been spending the last 1½ months. My kitty, Bear, is going to eat good.

NASA and ESA are nailing down their proposals for the next super-mission to the outer planets. It will be either a Europa-Jupiter system or a Titan-Saturn system mission. The money is already in budget and they just need to decide where to go.

26,300 years ago, or so, the black hole that centers our Milky Way galaxy emitted a massive burst of energy. Must have swallowed something it didn't like. About 300 years ago that energy stream passed our solar system. We missed it, since our technology at the time wasn't up to todays standards. Now we've been able to watch the wave pass through and energize nebula 300 light-years away. If two black holes merged, I wonder what the energy release would be like? Would they orbit each other inside the event horizon? What would that do to the (theoretical) gravity waves?

Thats the type of weird shit that passes through my brain.

In a case of "too little, too late", our lame duck leader is finally going to offer a proposal today about what the USA can do to reduce "greenhouse" gas emissions. Nothing specific. Just what his advisors on the topic have decided to toss into the hopper for a long-term solution.

When I was a teenager, just getting a girl to let you get to first base was an accomplishment. Now girls use their cell phone cameras to send boys pics and more, of themselves. That must mean that the police who work child-porn cases really have their work cut out for them.

If you've noticed, every year the IRS tries to have a high profile case in the news around Tax day. The latest is the one against the actor, Wesley Snipes.

Gotta to put the "fear" in the little people. Don't we? Ever wonder what would happen if nobody decided to file their 1040's? There aren't enough cops, prisons, jail cells, or sports arenas to arrest and house the "offenders". In Italy, tax evasion is a national sport, with limited consequences.

Housing prices in Kihei have been cut off at the knees. Might want to think about snatching up some bargains before the market shifts again.

I always appreciate you folks coming by. Really, I do. Yesterday was the highest viewing day this blog has ever achieved. Compared to a lot of blogs it wasn't all that great but to me is was "WOW!". Hope to see you again tomorrow.




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