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Tuesday, May 01, 2007



Woke up before 11:00am. Thats extremely early for me. Moped about the house, trying to decide if I really wanted to be out of bed or not. Decided "what the hell, I'll just stay up and take a nap later". Fooled with the web, visiting all the blog links on the sidebar. Took the nap about 2:00pm and was at Judy's house by 6:00pm.

HEROES was very good. It dealt with a possible (alternative) future to the storyline, if the HEROES fail in their saga. Alternative universes, or time-lines, is straight up the SciFi alley. This episode was very well written and presented. This type of plot is best served on "the darkside". Good examples are the movies "BladeRunner" and the Donna Reed/Jimmie Stewart classic "Its A Wonderful Life" and the book/play/movie(s) "Scrooge". I know that every version of the Star Trek TV series had at least one alternative universe story.


What if there are alternate universes and ours is the one considered as "The Darkside"?

I know that this is one of those subjects that people with IQs way beyond mine like to contemplate. From what I have read, the general consensus is:
If one universe was formed,
then there should be others.
I think thats a logical presumption. But it can't be proven, yet.


MAUI COUNTY ORDINANCE: 10.48.110 All night parking
No person shall park a vehicle on any roadway for a period of time longer than sixty minutes between the hours of two a.m. and six a.m. of any day; subject, however, to the exceptions granted authorized emergency vehicles, pursuant to this title. (Ord. 413 § 10-13.9, 1965)
Yeah. Right.

Everyone have a fantastic day.

I'll be back after work, Wednesday morning.

See ya then





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