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Wednesday, May 02, 2007



The northern hemisphere celebration of the 1st of May has its own special twist in Hawai'i. Here it is called "Lei Day". Everyone adorns themselves in beautiful flower garlands.

A gorgeous "full" Moon rise last night


I mentioned on Monday's post, that Tina and I had spent the first 90 minutes of Sunday's shift chatting.

We are both "into" digital photography. She had brought her new camera with her and was having fun playing with it.

She took these shots of me and ONE-NINE while we sat at the Wailea Lookout


A mixed night. Started very slow, one run between 7:00pm and 10:00pm, and then we were all hopping for the next hour. Then it died. Very few bar close runs. Only 2 fares during my solo hours. The last run was the shift's longest, from Star Market to the "baseyard" in Pu'unene (almost to Kahului). It was also the only fare of the night that totally stiffed me on a tip. The fare was $26 and thats exactly what he paid. Actually, tips were below average the entire night. A very high percentage were "passport tourists".

Finally got home about 5:45am.


This is asinine!

At these prices you think twice about any trip across the island.
You know how this hurts the cab biz.

Tesoro is bucking the trend a little bit.

The Chevron and Tesoro sit right next to each other.

Not much of a "gas war"

In less than an hour, our friend "Jeepgirl", the wonderful RN from Thoughts From The Night Shift is tying the knot with "Her Cop".

Congratulations to both of them.

I would like to take a moment and pay tribute to 2 wonderful performers who "passed" over the past couple of days.

Tommy Newsom

Tom Poston

As always, thank you for checking in and I'll be back tomorrow.






"Let's all be careful out there!"