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Thursday, October 05, 2006



I would take off more often if the returns were as good as last night was.

Started the shift by taking a really nice couple from The Grand to OGG.

Newlyweds from Columbus, Ohio, Ryan and Susan were headed back home to start the rest of their life's together.

Susan & Ryan

Drove 179 miles, did 18 fares, and exceeded the $1.50 per mile ratio.

Not a bad night.

The strangest fare was just after bar close. Dispatched to pick up a female near Kihei Rent-A-Car and transport her to Lipoa Center. The fare totaled $5, exactly. She presents a $100 bill. Even if I had that much cash on me, I would never admit it. If the word got out among the locals that we carried that much cash, we would become instant targets for robbery. All cabbies know this, worldwide.

I offered to take her to a store where there might be a chance of breaking it. She freaked when she realized that the meter continued to climb as we drove around. I took her back to the initial drop and asked for her ID. She presented me with her credit card. I got her name and cell phone number and told her that my shift starts about 7:00pm and she could call me tomorrow night (tonight) and I would return her credit card when she paid the fare. She was flabbergasted. I explained that I was holding her CC as collateral against payment and that our alternative was to call the cops. We'll see if she calls.


The prima-donna driver who refused to dispatch has now started a smear campaign against me at work. This driver wants me fired. Some drivers are upset at the nick-names I have given them. We'll see how this plays out. One driver actually told me to stop writing about being a cabbie. That isn't going to happen. I may stop using nick names and start giving out their real names, and telephone numbers, etc.

That would be entirely legal and coercive action to suppress my freedom of speech, my blog, will probably be met with very large lawsuits against those involved.

I know the rest of my readers aren't interested in this but I feel I have to stand up for my rights.


They continue to drop. Mainlanders are probably aghast at this and the rest of the world wishes their prices were this low.

Everything is relative to your location.


Wouldn't you rather be here?

Can't you almost hear the sound of the waves?

The Spine Of The Ko'olau Mountain Range
On O'ahu
I'ao Valley and Stream
"Local" Life

"Let's all be careful out there!"


Mad Cabbie said...

I am glad you're back hacking old man!

Peggy said...

I'm glad you're back on your feet too.

The photo of the Angel's Trumpet flowers (Datura) is wonderful. I tried to grow here one year in the greenhouse. To see the flowering plant in its native habitat shows my attempt to be very sickly and weedy indeed!

jo said...

Some people just can't take the truth about themselves, they hate their weaknesses being pointed out, but it sure does keep us entertained.

Hope you are well?


Gnightgirl said...

Glad to see you back. I'm heading to Columbus OH this weekend, will be on the lookout for Ryan and Susan!

I'm interested in the drama! Keep on writing, don't let the turkeys get you down.

Gnightgirl said...

Glad to see you back. I'm heading to Columbus OH this weekend, will be on the lookout for Ryan and Susan!

I'm interested in the drama! Keep on writing, don't let the turkeys get you down.

Dogbait said...

Dig your heals in mate.

Good to see you back. Is this lurgy thing global?

Our petrol prices continue to drop too. Down to about $A1.09 ($US3.14 your gallon) a litre the other day!

ellopez said...

Glad to read you again Paradise. You must NOT stop writing. The blog is more powerful than the whine.

FroneAmy said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hey, I'm from Columbus OH, originally! I don't know those people, of course, but small world. We have GOT to get to Hawaii one of these days...

Hope the crazy driver/non-dispatcher gets her Karma coming around to bite her. It always does.

Speaking of Karma, would those other drivers *prefer* that you use their real names? I refuse to give any of the cops real names that I talk about, unless I am referring to a news article. Then again, I only use the nicknames that they give themselves. Somehow I doubt that nicknames I could give them would be worse than their own given nicknames...

Anyway, ttfn. Hope you get your fare from last night!

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