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Friday, October 06, 2006



Last night was one run shorter, $5 less. and another "no pay".

Pretty genial crowd. Lots of FITs (Financially Independent Travelers) at the hotels. "Crazy Brian" is in San Diego, with his lady, for some concert. We had three dayshift holdovers that started calling it a night between 9:00pm and 10:30pm. After 10:30pm it was only "TMR Alex" and myself. We were never swamped but also never stopped moving until a little after "bar close". Racked up 145 miles on the odometer and almost $1.90 per mile driven. That is an excellent ratio.

Never left the southside all night but covered almost every inch of it on my rounds.

Last night's "no pay" was a worker at one of the restaurants in "The Triangle". I took his wallet as collateral and will collect $30 tonight (Friday).

The "no pay" from Wednesday night called me at home about 6:25pm. I was just getting out of the shower. Now, if you remember, I had told her that I don't start work until 7:00pm but she was demanding that I meet her in 10 minutes at the far northend of Kihei. When I told her that we could meet about 7:30pm, she became indignant and told me to forget about getting the $7.10 from her and that she was cancelling her credit card. Probably had made arrangements for a "local" bullyboy to be there as a threat to me. I always follow the rule that collateral for cash exchanges are made in an open public space with lots of people around. I may have been born at night but it wasn't last night. Mrs. Kyle's beautiful baby boy wasn't raised as an idiot. [wink]

So if anyone knows HAZEL S. DELVILLAR, let her know that she is a deadbeat loser.

Oh, I cut up the credit card and threw it out in the trash and today is collection day. [BIG SMILE]


First Look At Ke'anae
Ke'anae And Moku Mana Islet
Moku Mana
Pauwalu Point Detail
Ragged Shoreline Of Ke'anae
Nua'ailua Bay
Moku Holua Across Nua'ailua Bay
Ke'anae Road
'Ihi'ihi O Lehowa O Na Kaua Church

One Of The Homes In Ke'anae
Grand Wailea Wall Hanging
Beautiful Colors

"Let's all be careful out there!"


jeepgirl said...

What a pain in the ass!!! I'm sure whe did have someone waiting to beat the crap outta you. I wonder why she didn't want the $100 broken somewhere else?

Anyway, my buddy's name is Lisa, she and her new hubby Clint will be out there for a week starting Monday. They seriously look like Ken and Barbie.... but without the gi-normous boobs. What a small world it would be if they ran into you?!?!?

Joann said...

Some people are not worth the effort. She had her chance.

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