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Saturday, August 05, 2006



Another night of driving and dispatching. I hate dispatching. I always seem to get the worst runs.

Took over control right after I logged on. Had 8 cabs on the road. The reservations for the night looked pretty promising, with multiple runs to OGG, Maalaea Harbor and even the "Westside". Covering all the known runs, and also handling last minute call-ins, made scheduling rather tight for about two hours. I am good at what I do and every run was covered without incident. The fates were kind to me in that aspect but exacted their pound of flesh from me. All night long I would work my way to the top of the queue, sending everyone on multiple trips to the airport, etc., along the way. Then my turn would be a short pu-pu in Wailea. It never changed all night long. The furthest north I got into Kihei was about 1 mile north of Azeka Place, and that was the only run above $10.00 for my entire shift. Everyone else ended their shift well above $200 on the meter, a couple of the drivers were close to $400, and when I left at 5:00am I hadn't even reached $125. "Bar close" was a total bust. Only three calls and the phone never rang once during my solo hours.

For my associates, it was a spectacular shift. For me, it was a screwing without even the benefit of a "kiss". Oh, well. Feces occurs. There is always tomorrow. There is ALWAYS a tomorrow.


This guy has alienated every driver in the fleet by the way he drives. He is just plain fucking scary. I found out that he had been terminated by another cab company on the island for his reckless manner. The police had contacted his prior company and told that owner that The Jerk had been stopped by multiple officers during his tenure and still continued driving with wanton disregard to the safety of others on the road. That owner was told that the next time he was stopped, they were going to arrest and incarcerate our "problem child" and impound the cab. He was "history" that same day. Our owner is getting the picture, finally, and has sent The Jerk home early the past two days. On thursday he had checked off at Tsunamis for a break and was gone almost one hour, right during the early dinner rush. Yesterday, he kept falling asleep and didn't hear or respond to radio calls on numerous occassions.

I have my fingers crossed that he'll be a rapidly fading memory by the end of this month and I hope no one gets injured along the way. I am not holding my breathe though.


I get very few visitors here, over the weekends. So when you get around to reading this, I hope you are having, or have had, a great weekend.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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