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Sunday, August 06, 2006



Basically, a typical Saturday night. Very busy during the dinner rush hours. This usually starts about 6:00pm and goes til a little after 10:00pm. Slowing down from there to midnight. Dead from midnight to around 1:00am. The scramble at "bar close" starts a little after 1:00am and usually lasts until until 2:15am-2:30am. The rest of the night is unpredictable.

There are no "Taxi Stands (ranks)" anywhere on the island. So all cabs park whereever they can when waiting for a fare. Lately, "wanna-be-cops" at various locations have been hasseling drivers about cabs using their parking stalls. I usually end up having to go have a "face-to-face" discussion with these plastic badge morons and explaining various State & County Statutes and then negotiating a reasonable accord. One of these wizards stood, with mouth agape, as I explained the "facts", said "Okay", and left. At another location, we responded for a 26 passenger pick-up and then a security guard, whose little plastic badge fed his ego, told us the we could not wait in the turnout by the restaurant, built speciffically for drop-offs & pick-ups, and would have to wait off property until the people came out. My drivers advised me and I told them to stay right where they were. By the time I arrived, "super-trooper" was gone and the people, non-english speaking Japanese, were coming out. I am going to have to deal with this issue the next time I meet this mental midget.

One of the things I do, is observe how crowded the bars are as we approach the mystic hour of close. While not 100% accurate, I can usually get a feel for how busy we are going to be. Last night, all but one driver wanted to go home before the rush started. I told them all "NO!". My instinct was on the bullseye and we got slammed in the final 30 minutes. Each driver got 2 to 4 trips. A total of 18 calls and nobody got off duty before 2:30am.

Earlier in the evening I had sent a cab for a short bar-to-bar transport. About 9:30pm these three people had the bar call, they were ready to leave. I told the bartender that I was sorry but we were backed up about 45 minutes, at best. He understood. He's a nice guy. 5 minutes later, one of this 3-pax called herself. She was extremely intoxicated, very bossy. I explained to her that there were no cabs available and how long the delay was going to be. Every time I said "45 minutes", she would respond by answering "20 minutes?" It took four repeats before she wrapped her 80-proof brain around the concept. She wasn't happy. Three minutes later, the male part of the threesome called, "This is Mike. I want a cab and I want it now! If you don't send me a cab right now, I am calling Art (Royal's owner) and having you fired!"

"Okay. Call him. Do you need the number?" ["click"]

Like I said. A typical Saturday night.


This is totally "off-topic" but I found it interesting. The un-aired pilot for that hit series. A different girl is playing "Willow" and "Buffy" isn't a "blonde" blonde. Sit back and enjoy.



I see that cooler air is moving across the mainland. Summer is turning pleasant again. That must explain why yesterday was one on the lowest visitor counts I have ever had here. Everyone is out enjoying themselves.

At least, I hope thats the reason.

For me, it's my "weekend". Taking my bestest friend Judy and her husband, David, out to dinner on Monday night. Tuesday is David's 46th birthday. But for now, I plan to sleep the rest of Sunday away.

Talk to y'all tomorrow.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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