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Thursday, July 27, 2006



Somehow, I actually earn a living doing this.

7p to 2a - 6 runs
2a to 4:30a - 5 runs

Home by 5a.


Tropical Storm
Tropical Depression
Remnant Low


It fizzled out and is no more.

Never even came close.

Last hurricane to hit Mau'i was in 1875.


A view of the Four Seasons, over the top of the Molokini parking structure at the Grand Wailea
The new constuction across the street from The Grand
The same view, after being photo "chopped"
A peek into the "men's room" across from Tsunami's

The FoodLand parking lot at 11:00pm.
Almost empty
(looking from FoodLand's entrance towards Life's A Beach, at the corner of the "Trinagle")

Shouldn't this be "red"?
BANANAS - 99-cents a pound.

Pineapple - 79-cents a pound
Some other kind of banana - $3.19 a pound
Watermelon - 59-cents a pond
(notice the pidgin:
slice rather than sliced
Cantalope - 79-cents a pound
Bing Cherries - $4.99 a pound
Horseback riding in the crater of Haleakala
You are often above the clouds
In the distance (about 100 miles away) is the summit of Mauna Kea, on the "Big Island", as seen from the top of Haleakala
A Kapalua sunrise


"Let's all be careful out there!"


Dogbait said...

Bananas here are $A36/$US27 a kilo or $US12.30 a pound. Supplies should start coming in September we are told.

CharterJames said...

Wow, don't know at this exact moment, but I am used to paying about $.79/lb in NY. Bananas for less or equal in NY than Hawaii?

The TLC says I take home $157 per shift on average. My numbers say it's more like $128 (and dropping.) Hmmmmm. What am I doing wrong? Is the TLC sure they're "working" Sunday&Monday shifts with those numbers of theirs?

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