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Tuesday, June 27, 2006



I've been up since 2:00pm.

I've done my laundry for the week

I've checked out all my favorite blogs and websites.

Had some food.

And I still can't muster up any enthusiasm to go to work.

A bad case of the BLAHS.

The brightest point of the day has been listening to my landlord's 7 year old boy play with his buddies. I wish that I could find that much fun out of simple pleasure again. I love listening to them interact with each other. Running, shouting, playing games with such abandon.

Oh, to turn back the clock 51 years.

The weather is pleasant. A bit cloudier than normal but that has kept the temperature down to a livable level. And just enough of a breeze to make the humidity tolerable.

When I feel this way my tolerance level for drunks and jerks is at the minimal threshold.

All the normal aches and pains from my abused body are protesting but that is normal.

Maybe I am just depressed. I have no idea why. This is just another day, like all of those before.

Oh, well.

Talk to y'all tomorrow.



To my daughter-in-law, Kellie.

Over 18 but not old enough to draw Social Security.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.


I called off.


"Let's all be careful out there!"


Tropical Screamer said...

I'm right beside you Wil. I didn't write a new word today, but I did figure my way out of a couple of deadends.

Why don't we just blame the weather and all the tourists. ;)

I bet we're both going to have a great day tomorrow. It's nice to know that you're safe and sound at home tonight.


jo said...

Hey Wil,

Home is the best place when things don't feel quite right, but just remember "Tomorrow is another day", in the immortal words of Scarlet O'Hara - and I believe her.


jeepgirl said...

Hang in there sweetie.... take a day and do whatever the hell you feel like. The weather has sucked here too, and that is hell on my mood.

Mad Cabbie said...

Wil, I feel the same way every now and then, if I fell shitty I don't go to work, thats the beauty of cab driving, you can make up for lost time any day you want.

Take a shower, shave, dress well and go out for a drink or meet up with some friends or even catch a show or a movie. It works, you will be fine bro.

Mad Cabbie.

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