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Saturday, June 17, 2006



The 7th Annual Mau'i Film Festival closes on Sunday. This event has really grown. Neat website, too.

Lots of events are associated with the film festival, including last night's Taste of Chocolate and Sunday's Taste of Wailea.


Stayed active, 16 runs, but with my average $$ per run just over $8 the meter money was a bit lean.

There wasn't any excitement. No obnoxious drunks. There were so many cops in the "Triangle" that it looked like a new sub-station and everybody minded their "P"s and "Q"s.

Had dispatch duty last night. One of my pet peeves are people who call for a cab and when I ask them for the pickup location they start yelling to someone, asking what the address is.

I may be just a bit naive, but it would seem to me that before you called a cab, you would find out where you are. When they do this, I just press "end call". Of course, some are slower on the uptake than others. One guy called three times last night and each time started yelling "Where are we at?"

And I pressed that lil' ol' button three times.


The story going around at the moment is that THE Oprah is taking over The Grand for a week to throw a party for her friends. I'll believe it when I see the food delivery trucks triple their off-loads there.


* * *

One birdie whispered in my ear that the 400+# guy from yesterday's post didn't make it to jail at all. Some "blue meanies" took him to an isolated pineapple field upcountry and gave him one hell of a whoopin'. He was still there, unconcious, when those "blue light taxis" left the field. Just a rumor, of course.



"Let's all be careful out there!"


jackt said...

I love how Oprah is so identifyable to everywoman yet all these stories of her opulent lifestyle abound.

Mad Cabbie said...

How about those passengers who get in your cab and when you ask them "Where to?" and they start to mumble "where?...uh..hmmmm..let me see...thats a good question...just go straight..."

knuckle heads!

Mad Cabbie.

Anonymous said...

I like how you enforce your own little brand of phone etiquette when people call and don't know where they are. All my mother taught me was that it's rude to hang up on people. It's interesting how different people have different understandings of impoliteness.

Oh, and I know you addressed this when an earlier commenter pointed it out, but you do have some malware infecting your site. Internet Explorer, Firefox, it doesn't matter, clicking on your links causes pop-ups that aren't related to your site and that weren't added by blogger.

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