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Friday, June 16, 2006



Woke up about 3:30pm yesterday, did my laundry and started trying to get ready for work. Every movement was torture. This poor body of mine has been insulted too many times over the past decades and now I am paying the price. Its a bitch to grow old.

Called off at 6:15pm and went back to bed.

Melissa, of NEW YORK HACK had this interesting photo in today's post. The sign in the rear window says:
Yes, I DO own the road

I couldn't find a blank "diamond" template, so I had to use a square one to make this:

I am going to print this out on some heavy stock paper, laminate it and post it in my cab's rear window. May even put one in my POV too.


Bad combination.

First, almost all people from polynesia have a low tolerance for alcohol. Two 12oz (355ml) cans/bottles of 4%-5% beer hits them like two 6-packs would most people of european decent.

The trouble reported at the "Triangle" in my prior post was caused by a drunk 400#+ (182kg+) Hawai'ian who decided he would urinate on the entry door to one of the bars. The bouncer chased him off.

After bar close, the Hawai'ian waited for the bouncer to get off work and "way-layed" him, right in front of the police. Choked the bouncer into unconciousness while viciously beating him.

He was Tasered multiple times before he could be shackled and placed in the back of a patrol car. Did it end there? Of course not. He kicked out a window, dented the steel protective shield between the front and back. Kicked a rear door so hard and so often that it was shoved 1 inch (2.5 cm) out of its frame.

This was a racially motivated hate crime. The Hawai'ian kept screaming the he hated "Haoles". Most visitors think that "haole" (how-lay) is the Hawai'ian word for "foreigner". Actually, the true translation is "a person without breathe (a 'soul')" and it is a pejorative word.

During the beating, the Hawai'ian also kept screaming that he was going to "trunk" the bouncer. "Trunking" is when a victim is beaten senseless, placed in the trunk (boot) of a motor vehicle, large heavy objects are piled on top of the victim and the vehicle is driven over the dirt roads in the cane fields at 50+ mph (80+ kph). Whats left of the victim is then dumped in some isolated cane field to live or die. They don't care. If the victim is female, she'll be gang-raped at both ends of the trip.

Will this be prosecuted under our Federal laws regarding hate crimes? Probably not. We don't have race/hate crimes in Hawai'i. Just ask the various "Visitor Bureaus". Everybody loves everyone here. Its the "Aloha" spirit. Excuse me while I go puke.

Personally, I would not have used the Taser. I would have put a .357 through the assholes brain.

Of course, I am from a different generation of law enforcement and "politically correct" just isn't in my attitude or my training.


"Let's all be careful out there!"


Anonymous said...

I think your post is right on target - more than anyone in Hawai'i is willing to admit. It's been about 5 years since I was last there - spent 2 weeks on the big island. I'm just a shmoe from Jersey, but the racial tension was palpable yet at the same time blissfully ignored by the locals. I was lucky since I "look" local (rather rotund asian with a dark tan) and could pass until I spoke and my "New Joizy" accent plopped out. I found if I just kept my mouth shut I got treated better than the obvious tourists. In that respect, it was actually a relief to leave Hawai'i and get back to where the tensions are aboveboard and not hidden behind a facade. Just my .02

jeepgirl said...

My cop has similar thoughts about how to handle crime. He doesn't mesh well with the touchy-feely commonwealth attorneys they have around here. God forbid we acknowledge a crime problem. Lets just say cops here can't arrest someone (yell at them, pull them out of the car, handcuff, spray with oc or god forbid, use deadly force) for fear of being indicted. Its gotten to be too much.

Hope you feel better man!!

jo said...

No one has the right to take someone's life, no matter how much of an asshole that person is.

However, castration is definitely good for rapists of women and men and paedophiles!!

Anonymous said...

I am a "Haole" and I work at the Grand Wailea...get called haole all the time and I hate it. Nothing is ever done about it, even after complaining to management. Its so accepted, but, to me its like calling someone a nigger...

Joann said...

Love the the sign.

Mad Cabbie said...

hey, hey, hey, Wil you need some sensitivity training :)

By the way when are they going to have Hawaii Five O on DVD, the best cop series on TV ever.

Mad Cabbie.

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