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Thursday, June 29, 2006



The pic is poor quality, so don't bother enlarging it.

I desperately needed smokes, cola, ice and some food, so I ventured out into the "real" world for a bit this evening. I came on this traffic collision about a minute after it happened. An ambulance, running "EMERGENCY", had weaved its way through traffic at the intersection of Lipoa and Kihei road about that same time. Judging by the positions of the vehicles, it appears that one was a bit more aggressive in clearing the roadway for the emergency vehicle than the other was. Feces occurs.


I figured out the reason for the blahs. I was supposed to have been on vacation from the 15th until the 30th but the finances didn't allow that pleasure. I really needed the time off, its been three years since I last saw my family. Plans are now to do the "BIG" (Yellowstone, Carlsbad Caverns, Grand Canyon) trip next year. One of the major factors was the huge jump in the price of gasoline since last summer. My guesstimations showed me that it was not currently a viable option. Also, the youngest grandkid will be 3-1/2 next summer and will probably be just a might easier to deal with.

I decided to take one more day off and just "relax".


I think I have everything back in working order here at PARADISE DRIVER.

Per Talia's suggestion, I dumped the counter. Hopefully that will stop the "pop-up". I am at a loss about this since I don't get the "pop-up" on my FIREFOX 1.5 browser on either the PC or the notebook.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. FIREFOX is about three generations ahead of all the competition and anyone not using it is a fool. The download is FREE, all your favorites are automatically transferred from your clunker MSIE (INTERNET EXPLORER) browser. And for the neanderthals who need it, your MSIE browser is still there, if you positively have to use it.

Besides the counter, I also removed, sadly, the counter that provided that big world map that was located at the bottom of the page. I was using it on a 30-day free trial and that finally expired.


Talked to Kimo, tonight's driver/dispatcher. a few times this evening. At the beginning of the nightshift they had 9 cabs on duty (I would/ve been #10) and nobody was going anywhere fast. Its less than 30 minutes left until the night crew leaves. Wonder who'll get stuck pulling the graveyard shift? Like I really care. NOT!

Oh, well. Back to the grind tomorrow night.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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