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Sunday, April 09, 2006



Bob, over at TAXI TALES, posted about the difficulty in locating addresses. There were a lot of comments from readers relating their difficulty in the various locales in which they live.

Obviously, this is a worldwide problem.

It's no different here on Mau'i.

First, we have street names that most people really "butcher" when trying to pronounce them.

When you finally determine where they are at , you hope that the address is easily readable from the street

If not this:

Then at least this:

This is what you usually get


It also has reflective numbers on the side of the box.

I wonder if King Kamehameha-I had this much trouble locating people?


Do to unforeseen circumstances, I didn't have to start dispatching until 9:30pm. Great way to start the shift! 2-1/2 hours of peaceful driving with no phone!

Everybody stayed busy and made money.

The most notable ride of the night was a 3-pax from Tsunami's to WorldMark about 12:30am.

The two ladies were very nice. Their male companion was a loud, obnoxious, overly intoxicated boar (bore?). He had been escorted from Tsunami's by hotel security.

As he entered my cab he was yelling "Take us to 'Trend West'", repeatedly. I was busy on the phone and was involved in radio traffic with two of my drivers, trying to organize their runs. I had to tell him to "sit down and shut-up."

During the ride, we diverted to FoodLand for one of the ladies' needs. Repeatedly, I had to admonish the male that it was not necessary to yell, since he was seated next to me, on the front passenger seat. He took umbrage to my statements, but the ladies in the backseat told him to "shut up" and that he was the one being rude, not the cabbie (me).

The ladies apologized profusely for the man's belligerence and tipped me very generously at the end of the trip.

After 2:00am, the town died and I spent the next few hours photographing mailboxes.


"Let's all be careful out there!"


london_cabby said...

Hi Wil
as you probably know London's Licenced Taxis have a partition between driver and passenger. If that were to change I don't think I could do the job any longer unless my fares could be exclusively women or just nice people.
The house number thing is indeed a world wide problem and I often have to rely on satnav to get into the general vicinity and tell the passenger to look for the number themselves.
Lastly, I've often wondered about the US style mail boxes. Does't a lot of mail get stolen? I know it would here.

june in florida said...

Wil i always found the worst numbers to see were the one with the light in front of the number. Homeowners think they are doing something great but its totally blinding at night. also a comment to London cabby, we have so much junk mail in the USA that no self respecting thief would be caught dead going throughall that. ..June

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