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Sunday, March 05, 2006


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It was one of those nights when I could do no wrong. All the travails of the shift just slid off.

Started at 6:00pm and picked up the phone and reservations from another driver who was covering until my arrival. First reservation was at 7:00pm and there were 6 cabs queued up before me.

The calls came sparingly and then it was 6:45pm and I was first up. For "time calls", we dispatch a cab to the pickup location 15 minutes in advance. At 7:00pm I made my pickup from The Grand to the airport (OGG).

The round trip usually takes about 1 hour.

Queued up again at 8:00pm. The next time call was 9:00pm and at 8:45pm I was again first in line. So off to the Four Seasons and another run to the airport.

As I was entering Kihei, on the return, I received a call from Speedie-Shuttle requesting that we cover a pickup of two pilots at the Mau'i Coast Hotel in Kihei at 10:10pm and take them to the airport. All the rest of the cabs were in Wailea and I was the only "outside" (not in Wailea) cab. So another trip to the airport!!!

I cleared at the airport around 10:45pm and had just passed the car rental agencies when I received a call from a former driver, who now works as a rental agent at Hertz rent-a-car, wondering if I had any cabs in the airport area. He had some guests needing a ride into Kihei. So, 5 minutes later, I have a paid ride back to town.

Not bad.

At the end of the run the meter read $37.10 and, as he handed me a $100 bill, my fare said, "The smallest I have is this. I know you can't break it, so keep the change." My hand snatched that bill out of his hand like a raptor, as I thanked him and "beat feet" out of there before he changed his mind.

A $62.90 TIP!!!!

Did bar runs til 2:00am.

At 2:45am I took a gentleman across the island to see his lady friend, thus having my fifth long run of the night.

A couple of more "pu-pu runs" and then I was at The Grand, compiling the reservations for Sunday. One of their guests walked out at 4:30am wanting a taxi to the airport. So away we went on my sixth long run.

When I got back to the garage, my relief driver, Brian, asked if I had lost a roll of nickles the night before. I told him about the guy who had paid me in rolled nickles (see previous post). Brian opened the glove box and handed me a roll that he had found on the rear floor. Thus I had only lost $1 on that prior run

The perfect ending to a "purr-fect" day.


This morning's sunrise over Mt. Haleakala, our dormant volcano.

The departure terminal at OGG. I've mentioned before how small our international airport is.

Today's gas prices.

The fountain at the entrance to the Four Seasons.


Anna-Lisa, one of the "Triangles" many patrons

Another Sunday morning and the end of another week for me.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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