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Friday, September 23, 2011

Median Point - 19 months

This past week my oncologist told me that 50% of the people who have cancer that's spread through out their body only survive 19 months from diagnosis.  On October 6th I will reach 31 months since it was discovered in me.  I am getting up into the single digit survival zone.

Am I winning?...Nope.
The end result is still terminal but I've always been a fighter.

Doc says I should see Xmas this year, but no time projections beyond that.

I am in constant pain but limit myself to medication when it gets really, really bad.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here and still "kickin'."

What do I do to pass the time?  For the past year I've been studying quantum physics, black holes, "branes" and the 11th dimension (no joke, it really does exist).  Just light thinking to keep the brain from going stale.

BTW - Did you know that gravity doesn't pull but it pushes.  It is actually the fabric of space/time pushing us towards a mass.

"Let's all be careful out there!"


dogbait said...

That's crap news, Wil. Good to see you hanging in there but feel your pain, mate. Quantum physics! I can barely spell it. Jeez, there's nothing wrong with your grey matter.

John said...

Glad your still hanging in must be made of good stuff to be lasting so long. Plenty of sprouted seeds, fried tomatoes are good meditation and calm thoughts help too.
I have a pal in Australia who was given 3 months to live 20 years ago. She is going strong still

Anonymous said...

G'day Wil,

Just wanted ta say "G'day" an' wish ya all the best... I tried to comment on your "Median point" post a few few days but it went West somehow.

You know well that's there's lots of us out here rootin' for ya... like you always say "shit happens" but that doesn't mean ya gotta jus' dive into it mate!!

By the sound of the physics ya gettin' into... the body might be lettin' ya down, but the ol' grey matter's holdin' up a lot better than mine is, I reckon.

Anyway, Cheers ol' mate, best wishes from Darwin as always, take care now, Ian.

Peggy said...

I'm sorry you're in pain Wil. It really is a juggle to control pain well without being too doped up to think straight. I'm you're well enough to type! ;-)

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