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Monday, May 10, 2010


This afternoon I go back to the eye surgeon to have 4 more stitches removed from the right eye. That will leave 4 to be removed at the end of the month or early June. It appears the corneal transplant and lens replacement are healing very well.

Had the PET/CT scan last Wednesday. The tumors have returned to my abdomen and thus a new round of chemo will be commenced shortly. Also radiation is being added. I usually have a pretty high tolerance for pain but it has become debilitating enough that the Doc now has me on Vicodin. Doesn't really eliminate it but it allows me to have some functionality.

This new chemo drug may forestall having the needed surgery on my left eye this Fall. That's disappointing.

Side effects of the new chemo will be hair loss and diarrhea. So there goes my pony-tail and beard. Oh, well. Feces occurs.

Self evaluating my emotional status: Mostly disappointment. Not depressed. Not afraid. I am a realist and knew that going into this situation I had, at best, a 50% chance of winning.

I'll let y'all know whats happening when an update is warranted.

"Let's all be careful out there!"


Ian said...

G'day Wil, Greetings from Downunder... we're all wishin' the best for ya mate! Cheers,

Ha'kah said...

I love you Wil. Please call me soon. i am so sad to read this news but I am hopeful things will work out in your favor. I can't believe your hair is going to be gone. I bet you will look like a stud. I love and miss you.

Paradise Driver said...

Ian - Thank you for the well wishes.

Ha'kah - Don't recognize the name pseudonym but I have a pretty good idea who you really are. I'll call later today. Love you too my angel.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

Hi Wil, sorry to read this update. Bald is sexy these days, remember. ;-) You hang in there, and consider yourself hugged from me! Love you!

Swarty Family said...

I just read this now... We are praying for you Wil! XOXO

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