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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I have lived a long and interesting life. When I was born there were impossible dreams to be conquered. I have seen mankind step foot on another world. And now I have witnessed a man who would not have been allowed to drink from the same water fountain as me become the 44th President of this great country. More significant is that he is the perfect representative of what our country so desperately needs. He is half black and half white. A homogeneous blend of race who has finally started the process of blending our nation, and showing the way for the world, that race is not the measure of the individual.

Sadly, there will always be an element of the global consensus that will never understand, nor accept, the beauty of diversity of what we must evolve into. People who will always judge others first by color or religion or ethnic or sociatal predujice. Sadly, many of these individuals are so blinded that they cannot see their own bigotry.

It is time for America to show the world that it is the individual who matters.

Together, there is nothing that our nation can't accomplish.

"Let's all be careful out there!"