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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


You have to admire really well produced TV ads. The agency has 30 seconds to capture your attention, tell a complete story and establish product idenity in your brain. One of the best at this is the agency that handles Budweiser Beer and, especially, Bud Light ads.

A good ad is one that can be ID by the consumer, even when they are not in the room. That has such strong compulsion that people will stop what they are doing to come back and view the ad. Bud Light 30-second spots do that.

This ad out of Australia has nailed the concept, with one fatal flaw. What is it they are advertising? The product name is shown but never mentioned.

Same with this ad for Jolt Cola. Great, funny ad but no product ID on the aural level.

What can I say about this ad from France?

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