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Friday, August 15, 2008

PAPA JACK WEIL 1901-2008


Yesterday afternoon I became aware that my gmail account "Paradise Driver" was inaccessible. Every time I tried to log-in I would get the error code 502. The same code that millions of others received on the 11th. I have multiple g-mail accounts and this is the only one that I was locked out of.
FOLLOW-UP: 16 hours later and its still 502. I did send a message to gmail but have received no response. *** At 7:00am (local) my acess to my G-mail returned. Locked out for about 17 hours.

Hell, with the time differences and all, Phelps may have already reached his exaulted dream by the time this goes live.

Watching this report has given me cause for concern about Obama's speech venue. Not so much from external terrorists but our "home-grown" variety.

Many jokes abound about the legendary folk hero, Paul Bunyun, logging the "Sahara Forest". Now the concept about that desert actually having once been green and lush is being proven. Unknown if anyone has found evidence of a blue ox.

Sometime today, some folks over in Palo Alto CA are holding a press conference to present alledged proof of the existence of "Big Foot". Things that give ponder to these claims is that the dead one they claim to have is from the woods of Georgia (ours, not the one in Europe) and one of the claimants runs a "Big Foot" hunting business. Supposedly, there is even DNA "proof".

If you use a moisterizer, you should probably read this article.

Ear infections may lead to the risk of obesity.

Behind the screen at the Olympics:

Those guys who think in areas of math than most of us will never fathom believe that FTL spacecraft may actually be possible. Without violating the laws of physics.

Have you watched the Beach Volleyball competition in this year's Olypiad?

If so, you've probably noticed that black thingy on the right shoulder of American competitor, Kerri Walsh. Speculation has run rampant as to what it is. What's it for? As in most things of mystery, the answer is more simple than the questions.

Its not some tribal symbol.

Its not covering up a tatoo that might be offensive.

Its actually hi-tech tape to support her shoulder after surgery she had earlier this year. Even its placement is designed to provide the maximum amount of support while allowing full movement.

One of the dumbest entrant, ever, for the LLDE Award.

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