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Thursday, August 07, 2008



I know, the Games don't start until 8/8/08. But that is what the date is on the other side of the IDL. Or will be a few hours after this post goes live. Its simple to calculate. Start with the square root of negative one. Divide that by pi. Add 6 and subtract the sun's declination and right ascension. Factor in the numerical value of you first pets name.....
No. Wait. Those are the instructions from last years 1040 form.

How many years (and $$) to convict a man for being Osama bin Laden's driver? Definitely a desirable high profile target in the "War on Terror". For this he's probably going to get a life sentence. I wonder if those Secret Service Agents assigned to protect the President are taking note? They might be subject to a similar fate if "fearless leader" is ever brought to justice.

Greyhound Bus, in Canada, is scraping their latest ad campaign extrolling the pleasure of traveling the country.via their vehicles. I wonder if they are going to change their logo also? May I suggest the "headless horseman".

Two sides of the coin:
Afghan roadside bomb incidents hit four-year peak

Iraq Roadside Bomb Attacks Drop to Record Low, U.S. Army Says

Obviouly the University of Texas did not calculate in the "dumb blonde" factor.

An interesting quiz of your science-current events knowledge.

Look out Colonel Steve Austin. Science is rapidly catching up to science fiction.

So, you thought that the debate over Pluto's classification within our solar system was resolved? Not quite so. And its fun to read scientists discuss/debate their positions on a subject. No emotion, just logic of varying criterial parameters.

I am a sane, rational, intelligent person. So why do I want to break both this kids legs and arms? And wrap my putter around his neck? Okay he deserves congratulations but I doubt he followed the tradition of buying the clubhouse a round of drinks.

What was it that I was saying about the crowd at Sturgis being the demographic that McCain is seeking?

Now this is funny. In Elgin, IL, a Chicago suburb, a carwash advertises "The Best Hand Job In Town". Which is perfectly legal. But the reporter covering the story hems and haws throughout the article without ever actually reporting what the sign said.

Ever wonder about what ever became of those
t-shirts that the New England Patriots had made before the Super Bowl and before the New York Giants altered that reality.?

In the Forbes Survey of the 10 Fastest Dying Cities In America, the heart of the "rust-belt", Ohio, has four listings. Ummm. I guess "Congratulations!" are NOT in order.

Is there one person out there who didn't think this was eventually going to happen?
"How did it happen, mum?"
"Well he was swallowing a bunch of fairies..."
The above image is the new first-class mail postage stamp. Grap some if you can. They are going to be a collectors item. Can you see why?
hint:How many original colonies were there?

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"Let's all be careful out there!"