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Monday, August 18, 2008



That what the astronomers conducting the Sloan III project hope to discover. More expansive than it predecessors, Sloan I & Sloan II, it will map the sky, in 3 dimensions, for about 8 billion light years out from earth. A little more than half of our 'verse. Looking for patterns that could show the structure and "ley" lines of dark energy. That theoretical power which is believed to be causing the runaway growth of, well, EVERYTHING.

There is one city in America where if anything can go wrong, it will. A city so rife with corruption that the worst stories out of Boston, New York, Chicago, et al, pale in comparison. A city that survives day-to-day with the threat of being drowned. A city that a vast portion of it should have been written off after Katrina. Probably the closest thing to a metropolitan anarchistic society that has ever festered in this country. Yes, I mean New Orleans LA. A city where the right hand not only doesn't know what the left hand is doing, it doesn't even know there is a left hand. Or arm or leg

With Pervez Musharraf's resignation as President of Pakistan, I have only one question/concern. Who has control of their "nukes"? Pakistan and India hate each other. They are both ready to attempt to erase the other from the face of this planet. Pakistan was a friend of the Taliban and then their foe. What side will it be on tomorrow? Will Osama finally get the access to nukes he has strived for the past few decades? Is the feces finally going to impact the ocillating wind movement device in a gigantic way?

Everybody touts their new iPhone. But in reality, it is a piece of crab compared to what is available in other countries. In China you can watch live over-the-air television with you cell phone. Among other things. In fact, most of modernized Asia has us beat. As does Europe.

The EMMY's will be broadcast next month and will be celebrating their 60th anniversary. The producers plan on revealing the 40 most memoriable moments in TV history. 20 in drama and 20 in comedy. And they want the voice of John Q to be included. Scroll to the article's bottom to get the voting link.

Oh, that "Big Foot" from Georgia. The DNA tests are in.

The lady above is the newest incarnation of Lara Croft

With a population differential of 5 men for each woman, the tiny Australian outback town of Mount Isa is seeking to encourage women to come visit and even possibly stay.

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