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Saturday, July 26, 2008



Boy Bites Dog and wins. Against a pitbull, no less.

Lets face it, the British cuisine is not noted by most world travelers as being the best (save their delicious fish'n'chips). So when food critics in the London papers give your new eatery a thumbs down, you might be really busy.

The guy on the left has been running a con in the Austin TX area. Claims to be the grandson of ol blue eyes.

I don't see any resemblance. Do you?

He was arrested and his boots ain't gonna be a'walkin' for awhile.

Exactly one year, to the day, apart. Same suspect. Same police department. Same high-speed pursuit. Same end result. "Here, Elroy. Hold my beer and watch this.".

Your home is featured on national TV. The show's producer pays off your mortgage and gives you $100,000 in cash. So, why is the bank foreclosing?

IRS issues stimulus check to man deceased for over one year. It didn't work. Hes still dead

43 year old woman arrested for running nude in park. Part of a "Truth or Dare" game with teen boys. We can all breath easier. She isn't a teacher.

Now I can sleep a lot easier. Turns out that UFOs and aliens are really fallen angels sent by Satan to test Christian faith. Nice to get that all cleared up.

Norfolk &%$#-in' VA to @#$&-in' rescind %&@#$mn anti-profanity ordinance.

State trooper does news interview about idiot drivers on I-10. Idiot driver offers a demonstration.

Thanks for coming over. Have a great weekend.

"Let's all be careful out there!"