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Tuesday, July 22, 2008



Thats right. After gutting the tomato industry, it turns out the salmonella didn't come from those delicious red orbs. The FDA has traced the contamination to some jalapeños. Some very specific jalapeños. Of course, their mis-IDing the source initially has cost the growers a few $100 million in destroyed crops. Which makes me wonder. What political opponent of the current administration has large holdings in the vegetable growing business? Someone the administration needed to kick in the balls to provide a lesson.

The UK seems to be kind of a nice place. The people are pleasant. Except for their various levels of government that seem to want to micro-manage every aspect of a person's life. One community is seeking to effectively ban the jingles played by ice cream trucks for decades. The assinine new law only allows the ringing of the chimes for 4 seconds every three minutes. There are even more Draconian strictures that must be complied with. Something about polluting the "atmosphere" of the community. Give me a frakking break.

Or their new "permissions" that allow so called inspectors to enter any structure, commercial or residence, to be sure you aren't in violation of over 1,000 new restrictions. No wonder Blair and Bush got on so well. Neither wanted their people to have any rights (or privacy) at all.

I guess we can call this "COLD WAR ver2.0". Russia is considering stationing long range bombers in Cuba in retaliation for the missle defense system we are installing in the Czech Republic.

"Put down the remote! You're too drunk to channel surf." First it was a wheelchair. Now its a riding mower. I busted a guy for DUI while he was riding a horse. Long ago and far, far away.

Rising scrap metal prices are squeezing the brass nuts off fire hydrants. Never thought I could say that without referencing a very cold monkey.

"The Changing Newsroom: What is Being Gained and What is Being Lost in America's Daily Newspapers." Besides readship, quality and coverage? How about revenue?

The annual meeting of Santa's (helpers) from around the world began their 3-day stay on Monday in Denmark.. I guess they are exchanging their naughty & nice lists. There is no truth to the rumor that Bill Clinton tried to buy the naughty girls list. But his name is permanently engraved at the top of the boy's.

You saw the video! Now read the news! Flesh eating carp the latest rage in pedicures.

The high cost of fuel may have rendered another tradition to the Dodo bird squad. The county fair midways and the carnies who run them.

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"Let's all be careful out there!"