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Thursday, July 10, 2008



Parkfield CA is the most seismic active place on Earth.

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It sits directly over the San Andreas Fault. A new stress measurement device has been developed that just may provide early warning of temblors. Not just minute but hours.

The on going salmonella out break is now being traced to jalapeños and cilantro, along with tomatoes. Add onions and garlic and you will have covered all the ingredients of salsa.

I wonder where the line forms for this one? I always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Need prescription drugs? Turns out you can get just about anything you want, without a prescription, on-line. Even the addictive ones.

The New York Times has decided to make design modifications to the exterior of its building after the attempt mentioned in the above video.

Have you heard about Google's last new project, "Lively"? Its a social network ala "Second Life" with some neat features. Video about it:

When these folks decided to visit the zoo, they must have missed the fine print on their pass that informed that randomly selected individuals would be chosen for a total immersion experience of being caged up with people gawking at them. For hours. In the heat.

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