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Thursday, July 03, 2008



The Federal Trade Commission advises everyone to not carry their Social Security Card (SSN) on their person. This is to prevent identity theft. But if you have associations with the Pentagon or Medicare, you are mandated to have your SSN with you. Military ID cards use an individual's SSN as their service number and, of course, members of the military are required to always have that ID card on their person. Individuals who are covered by Medicare insurance must also carry an agency specific ID card. A card that uses their SSN as their ID number. I think all the states have finally stopped using the SSN as the driver's license number.

Do you ever get the feeling that NASA hires former Radio Shack sales people to design and build their systems? The Phoenix Mars Lander suffered a short circuit in its "shake and bake" oven when doing its first test of soil samples. Scientists are worried that the next test could be its last. See what happens when you out-source to some Asian country to save on costs.

In 1995, Chicago's mercury topped out at 106°f (41°c). In 2003, France spiked at 104°f (40°c). The sad thought is that in the near future we will look back at those temps and say how lucky they were to have had it so cool. Where I am now living, temps usually reach 114°f - 118°f (45°c - 48°c) every summer. The hottest temp ever recorded on Earth was 136°f (58°c), in Al' Aziziyah, Libya.

This is an amazing story:

Dubya sure has taken care of his friends. At the cost of how many American lives? Oil money from Iraq is pure blood money. Of course, he denied any knowledge but it turns out he knew months before the deal was closed.

McCain is shaking up his campaign staff.

Its official! Guinness has certified the recent Firefox-3 download as the most downloaded program in a single day. Also a new study states that Firefox users are the safest on the web.

George Washington's boyhood home has been located. No information if the chopped down cherry tree was located or the "dollar" he allegedly threw across the Potomac River.

Get through today safely. The three day weekend starts tomorrow. Thanks for coming over and, please, have a safe & sane Fourth!

"Let's all be careful out there!"