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Saturday, July 12, 2008



A technique abandoned back in the 70s is coming out again due to advances in science. Researchers at MIT have found a cheaper way to produce solar panels by replacing regular window panes in a structure with specially tinted ones.

It is about 3 years away from being marketable. Think of how much electricity could be produced just on the island of Manhattan and the savings in fuel costs and environment issues.


The basic rule in NASCAR racing is that you put "the pedal to the metal and turn left." Obama might just do that as rumors abound about his campaign considering sponsorship of one of the race cars. He needs to tap into the segment of the electorate he benn missing.

Auto racing (which includes NASCAR) is most popular among those with a high school education or less (19%) and Baby Boomers (15%), while it fares worst among those with a post graduate degree (2%) and Generation X (4%)


He been a professional wrestler and was the governor of Minnesota. Now Jesse "The Body" Ventura is considering running for the US Senate. I liked him. He was an independent candidate that upset the political apple cart when elected. He spoke his mind freely and really didn't give a rats ass whether you liked him or not. I would love to see him shaking up things "inside the beltway". Sadly, the way the power stucture is established in Washington tends to negate the influence of people like him.


The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals

Now this looks like an interesting read.

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