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Tuesday, July 08, 2008



100 new terms make the cut for Merriam-Webster dictionary

Well it looks like we might finally get a time-table for withdrawal from Iraqi. And the people pushing for it are the Iraqis themselves. As you know, our war in Iraq was made legal by a UN resolution. That resolution expires on the 1st of January, thus making our presence their illegal by international law after that day. And the Iraqis are really tired of us being "the man who came to dinner". Bush and company probably really don't care anymore, anyways. They've got their signed contracts to exploit Iraqi oil fields.

Of course that doesn't leave us for a shortage of places to kill people. The war in Afghanistan, remember thats where bin Laden is, is heating up. Really heating up.

When Tower #7 collapsed 7 hours into the events of 9/11, conspiracy buffs contended that it was brought down by a controlled demolition. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is expected to release their report about this in the near future. The pre-release leaks indicate they will say that the collapse was caused by multiple fires on multiple floors. They allege the heat was enough to weaken the structure. If this is true, then Tower #7 will make architectural history as the first, and only, steel structure ever to collapse because of fire. It must be the truth, because our government would never, ever, lie to us. Just because steel takes about 2,400 degrees to fail and the burning products in the building could only generate, maybe, 800 degrees of heat would cause questions, could it?

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