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Wednesday, July 30, 2008



I wonder if this will affect that "community spirit" everybody had when they decided to clean up the river bank? Read some of the other stories in the center column also.

In case you missed it, Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens has been indicted on 7 felony counts. Something about unreported gifts from the oil industry. Really BIG gifts. Does anyone find it unbelievable? Not me. The only thing surprising is that they were served while Dubya is still in office. The only thing I can guess is that Stevens failed to carry out his part of some deal.

You need a program to keep up with all the reclassification of celestial bodies.

Obviously I am mistaken but I could have sworn that we were supposed to destroy all our stockpiles of chemical weapons. I hope the Saudis don't find out. They might get a UN resolution to invade us and destroy our WMDs.

Remember that earthquake in China back in May? Some teacher is going to spend one year in a hard labor reeducation center for posting photos of collapsed school buildings on the web.

And foreign owned hotels in China are in deep shit if they don't allow the gov't to monitor (spy) on the internet traffic of the guests. So if it does rain in Beijing during the Olympiad, contrary to China's claims about weather management preventing that, will anyone who reports precipitation be sent for reeducation? Or will there be "technical difficulties" in the various video feeds to the world?

Sometimes news people are just plain stupid:
"There's going to be some damage, but not nearly as significant as a more significant earthquake would have caused." - Wolf Blitzer, CNN

Uh, duh!
Besides a 5.4 quake in California is only really noticed by the new-comers. Long time residents only pause long enough to prevent their latte's from spilling. And it was obviously a slow news day for CNN to give it this much coverage.

All I can say is that I want what ever it is these analysts are toking. Wanna bet they got their detailed analysis from Puff, the magic dragon.

As always, the airlines are seeing to the needs of their passengers. Move your ass. Bitch!

Plans for the North American Union, which never existed anyway, are now officially dead.
Conspiracy theorists claim this is just a disinformation plot to ease our fears.

Have a great day. Get over the hump and its downhill to the weekend.

Thanks for your time.

"Let's all be careful out there!"