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Thursday, June 05, 2008


The new F-35A fighter/bomber has drawn the interest of Israel and they hope to start making purchases in 2011. UK, Italy and the Netherlands also plan to buy some for evaluation.

Clinton still isn't done. It appears she will congratulate Obama and announce support for his campaign this Saturday. She will also suspend her campaign but retain control of her delegates. An obvious power play to manage her agenda of health care reform and provide her clout to garner a high position in the government should Obama win the general election. Its obvious that she wants the VP spot but I think Obama would be a fool to put her on the ticket. Secretary of State would be a more appropriate appointment in my opinion.

After 2 years of drought, California's Governator has declared that to be a fact but stopped short of issuing a State-of-Emergency.

Also in California, the northern coastal county of Mendocino passed a measure on Tuesday to ban growing pot for personal use. Mendocino and Humboldt counties were infamous for having their largest cash crops being Mary Jane.

The latest mission to the ISS by the space shuttle included the equipment necessary to repair the broken toilet. I bet everybody is breathing easier now.

If you live in New Mexico and Texas, or have friends or family who do, you might want to stay away from raw tomatoes until you have read this article.

Do you have a teenager? It is really important that you read this.

Remember how the 3 month strike by the Writers Guild of America screwed up television this year? Well, the Screen Actors Guild is involved in negotiations now with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and it isn't going well. TV and motion picture production that can't be completed by the end of this month isn't being scheduled. There goes the fall TV season.

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