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Monday, June 09, 2008


On a really good week this blog gets about 1,000 page loads. The busiest day is typically Monday, when everyone who reads from work logs in. So imagine my surprise when at about 10:30 AM local I decided to try and find something to post for my Noon entry. Checked the stats and (HOLY SHIT!) I already had a half weeks worth of hits. My first reaction a was that the first counter had a major software problem. Checked all the others and they confirmed the story.

So, what brought all the sudden interest? Someone linked to my 31-May-08 post about Instructions For Infant Care, and all hell broke loose. Then another site did they same. I am not complaining, its one of those "whoa" moments in life and it won't last but I'll savor it for its brief moment.

Obama has announced that he will seek a windfall profits tax on oil companies if elected. So you know where big oil is going to be spending money over the next 5 months. Maybe not in direct contributions to McCain but in a concerted subliminal PR push that will explain where their accountants say the money goes, while softly denouncing those who would denegrate their meager profits. Raising a doubt in people's minds about the qualifications of someone who would pose such a solution.

Around the world, most people generally like America and Americans. The same can't be said for our leader de jour. Dubya's trip to Slovenia this week for a summit of European leaders, will show this fact as he is treated like yesterday's fish. Stinking up the place and everybody ready for him to be thrown out with the trash. Can't say I blame them, after the way he has treated our European friends the past 7+ years.

"Let's all be careful out there!"