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Friday, June 27, 2008



Yesterday the US Supreme Court struck down the Washington DC city ordinance banning handguns within the city limits. Other cities have similar laws, like Chicago, and are in a panic. Basically, the court has reaffirmed the Second Amendment of our Constitution that allows citizens to "Keep and Bear Arms.". It is a concept the other nations can not get a grip on and goes directly back to the formation of our nation. We are a gun culture. We always have been and always will be. The idea is ingrained so deeply in our national pysch that it it almost genetic. The sad sidebar to all this is that we can expect more and more gun related deaths.

The legal opinion to use torture in interrogations seems to keep reaching back to the White House. Senior officials wanting opinions that would justify their actions. Cheney and Ashcroft's names are the most prominent.

The Court also struck down the so called "Millionaires Amendment" regarding campaign financing.

For about a year now, there has been concern about the massive die off of honey bees in the USA. No one knows the cause and importing bees from other areas has not been successful to replenish the hives. Now, ice cream may fall victim.

Libya may reduce production of crude oil. And the price of crude soared past $140 bbl.

New rules going into effect after the first of the year will make just about any name usable in place of the .com that most of us now use.

More than 40% of American teens get their alcohol for free from adults.

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