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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The United Arab Emirates is very pro-western and is promoted as great tourist destination and investment mecca for foreign capital. Well, it isn't really that far from the fold of its Islamic brethern.

The price of crude reached a new record yesterday at $139.89 but finally closed at $134.61. Profiters decided to cash in some of their chips.

Obama has everything going for him in the run-up to the election. Pick almost any issue and he can have a field day of showing errors that McCain wishes to perpetuate and why his plan would be more effective. So, why are the two candidates so close in the polls?

You know what is going to affect the greatest change in Iran. Not Europe. Definitely not the USA. No, the change is going to come from within. Like UC-Berkeley in the '60s, universities in Tehran and surrounding areas are populated with students who are starting to question authority and are taking the tentative steps of flexing muscle. Political and physical. These are their first steps and they still have a long way to go.

We all know how dogs love to go for a ride in the car. I wonder if this ones attitude will chamge?

Here are some unique snippets of Bush's European trip by an Associated Press reporter. The things she observed but weren't deemed of enough import to make the regular news.

Health plans in the US regularly rate doctors. Now the tables have been turned as the AMA starts rating health plans.

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