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Wednesday, June 18, 2008



Yesterday he called for a reverse on Dubya's energy policies. Then turned around and sharply criticized Obama for the proposed "windfall profit" tax that he had also proposed just last month. McCain is also now calling for a resumption of off-shore drilling. Something he was opposed to during his 2000 attempt at the Presidency. This is sure to lose him a lot of votes in California and Florida. I have an indian name for McCain. "Chief Windy Feather". He goes where ever the winds of public opinion blow him.

The timeline of torture. Pointing all the way back to the Oval Office. The question really boils down to whether there is anyone with enough balls to nail the Administrations hide to the barn door. It would be a messy trial but to return our nation to a place of respect among the world community, justice must prevail.

McCain slammed Obama for having a "September 10th" mindset on terrorism. He seems to have forgotten that the people we were after weren't in Iraq. They are/were in Afghanistan (or Saudi Arabia). So did we go after the responsibles? Of course not! We entered into a conflict, with no exit strategy, strictly for the purpose of punishing Hussein for attempting to assassinate George the First and to take control of the second largest proven oil fields in the world. Dubya had no intention of ever going after the real criminals. So the post 9/11 mindset on terrorism wasn't/isn't a viable policy either. Lets hear someone come up with a workable plan.

Science is on the hunt for WIMPS and axions.

This sounds like my "ex"

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Hey, we are half way through the week. Thanks for taking the time to stop in. I'll have more later. Catchya on the "flip-flop".

"Let's all be careful out there!"