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Thursday, June 12, 2008



Judge Alex Kozinski, of the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Los Angeles, has a wee bit of an embarrassment. He is currently hearing an obscenity appeal and it has been discovered that he had downloaded mild porn on a website that he thought was private. Opps. It was publicly accessible.

I'll keep posting notices about the upcoming (February 17th, 2009) change over from analog to digital TV of over the air broadcasts. It won't affect most people who get their TV from cable or sat-dish, but there are 13 million who only get their TV over the air.

Do you suffer from sleep apnea? Many people do and new studies indicate this condition can cause brain damage and memory loss. I don't remember whether I suffer from this or not.

The Phoenix Mars Lander has finally loaded some Martian soil into its oven to begin its search for evidence of past life on the red planet.

Pluto was downgraded from full planet status and reclassified as a dwarf planet a while back. Now all future bodies of a similar nature will be called Plutoids. Seems fitting.

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the discovery of the Great Barrier Reef by Capt. James Cook in 1770. Well, discovery may be a serendipitous misnomer. He actually ran aground on it. What we used to call "creative report writing" when I was a cop.

I am not sure about other countries, but Sunday is Father's Day here in the States. To show its true importance, the average Mother's Day expenditures are $1,400. Dad is lucky if he gets $50 spent on him.

Have a great day everyone. I'll be back with more later. Thank you very much for coming over.

"Let's all be careful out there!"