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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Thank goodness the Saudi's have decided to keep the price of crude pegged to the US Dollar. If the decision is ever made to use a different currency, or precious metal, the Dollar would plummet in value faster than an incoming asteroid.

I guess nobody bothered to tell Tropical Storm Author that hurricane season starts today.

It appears as if the Phoenix Lander has already found a patch of ice on Mars. I have my fingers crossed that its test equipment will find evidence of life (past or present). While I believe that life probably is rife throughout the universe, until we find proof of it somewhere else, its still just speculation. And it would make the cosmos a very lonely place if we are it. Of course, considering that the universe could function for 100k trillion years, then we are still in our infancy and maybe this is the first place where all the conditions were just right.

Dubya's crew has finally been forced by a court order to release the details of a report on global warming. Until recently "fearless leader" has stated numerous times that he didn't believe in the theory. Well, this time the results couldn't be doctored to meet his agenda.

Windows Vista is only 18 months old and already Microsoft is starting to tout its replacement, Windows 7.

Do you have asthma? Do you use the Albuterol inhaler? At the first of the year it will be banned in the USA because the propellant it uses contains CFCs. Please check with your doctor as soon as possible to obtain the proper replacement.

"Let's all be careful out there!"